Visiting the Lacombe Firefighters.

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There were antiques.

and there were state of the art firefighting methods.

everyone in front of the station

it looks like the picture below, but it's not. I figured there might be someone that likes one better than the other for some reason.

they were using the jaws of life to take the door off of a car

it was their first time to use it!

Firefighter Steph Bester

Truly a wonderful guide and patient with the kids.

Firefighters Frosch and Rodrigues

they pose after ripping the door off the car.

we got to walk through an ambulance

the only time that I ever want to see my kids in one... unless they work there.

the antique fire extinguisher that was outside

it was really nice, they also figured it could take a beating. I love that it was fine to be hands on with things. Truly a good learning experience.

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