Greyhawk Perkins gave a lesson on woodworking.

He made a spatula out of cedar.

The bench is an antique.

It is an original from 1890 in a small town near Brownsville Texas, but you can make your own with the plans that they had available for a Swiss Bench (I have printed them below)

Our group.

We enjoyed it.


great name

Razor Saw.

really old looking tool.

these are the plans for the Swis Shaving Horse

They can also be found online here

Draw knife, rasp and sandpaper

sitting on the bench.

This is a draw knife.

almost finished

He is applying oil to the finished piece.

because it is for food, he used Canola.


this seems like a good site to find tools similar to Greyhawks tools. the razor saw is hard to find, but the log and timber saw on the site seems like it would work as a substitute. All of the others are there, even the Fro!

Greyhawk is out at the Fountainbleu park every week, Friday,Saturday,Sunday and Monday. He is usually building things at the visitors center.